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Frequently Asked Questions

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Metalwork Access Control

Why does Iron Access use hydraulic gate operators instead of other types of operators?

Over the years, Iron Access has found that hydraulic operators have outperformed all other types of operators in swing gate applications.  There are fewer moving parts resulting in fewer failures, and the installation and replacement is quick and simple.  One of the most appealing aspects of a hydraulic operator is its small size lending towards an aesthetically pleasing access system.

What is covered by your warranty policy?

New installations carry a one-year minimum parts and labor warranty.  Service is warranted for parts and labor for ninety days.  Certain products have varying warranty conditions, and extended warranties are available. Please call our office for details

Do you offer maintenance contracts?

YES, Iron Access is one of the few companies that offers maintenance contracts.  Maintenance contracts are offered on all Iron Access systems, and existing systems can be surveyed and considered if the equipment meets our quality guidelines.

Do you offer emergency service?

YES, Iron Access, Inc. has a service crew on call twenty-four hours, seven days a week.  Our emergency response time is four hours.  Calls places during regular business hours are responded to within forty-eight hours and in many cases the same day.


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gates Metalwork

What kind of material do you use?

Iron Access uses a variety of metals and finishes in its work.  These range from aluminum to brass, and include regular and galvanized steel. Fences and gates, being exterior products, are exposed to rough elements.  In these cases, aluminum is recommended over steel, however, there exists the option of galvanized steel.  Galvanized steel has a protective sealant coated on to the steel that helps prevent rust from forming on the outside of the metalwork.  Using aluminum will avoid corrosion altogether and provides a finish that will last far beyond others.

Can anything done in steel also be done in aluminum?

Yes, Iron Access, Inc. has extensive experience in working with both metals.  Architectural structures, fences, gates and even decorative interior and exterior metalwork can be fabricated using any type of metal.

If I am looking to have metalwork done, which material will be the best in terms of strength and longevity?

Aluminum is known for its superior strength and longevity in interior and exterior applications.  Also, aluminum structures are lighter and easier to incorporate into access control situations, and provide for an efficient installation process.

Can Iron Access design the metalwork?

YES, Iron Access has a team of skilled designers, and can offer a variety of samples or take existing plans and modify them.


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